Novidades sobre a Altmann e seus produtos.

Arquivo para janeiro, 2014

Lançamento Camara Compacta de HALT-Confiabilidade


Standard Features
• Entry Level Rapid Testing System provides combined
Environment Accelerated Testing:
– Rapid Thermal changes from +200° C to -100° C
– Six Degree of Freedom Repetitive Shock Vibration
• Portable for easy movement between departments
• Easy to use with preset programs & remote monitoring
• xLF2 Vibration Table with PSD Management

Work Space 19.0″w x 16.0″d x 10.0″h

( 482 x 406 x 254mm)

Outer Dimensions 32.8″w x 43.5″d x 56.1″h

( 833 x 1105 x 1425mm)

Table Size 16.0″w x 12.0″d

( 406 x 304mm)

Table Capacity 50 lbs (23 kg)

Actuators 2 Lubricant-free Actuators

Acceleration 4 – 40 gRMS typical

Temp Range +200°C to -100°C

Thermal Ramp Range Up to 40°C / min

Power Requirements 208VAC / 40A / 1_ 50/60Hz

2 08VAC / 25A / 3_ 50/60Hz

Air Requirements 20 scfm at 80 psi


*Patent Pending

Thousands of companies embrace combined environment accelerated testing that includes vibration (typically on an ED Shaker) and thermal testing, to rapidly improve the reliability of their electronic product designs. Conducting this practice early is most beneficial, as reliability can most easily be improved early in the development process.

Qualmark’s new Portable Rapid Testing System takes this to a whole new level. HawQ preys on and exposes failure points, and screams through thermal testing in a fraction of the time of traditional thermal chambers. This leading edge system allows you to conduct rapid testing with thermal change rates of 40°C/min from -100 to +200°C! By maximizingthe thermal cycles performed in 24 hours, you slash your testing time! Time is money, and HawQ will help you save it! But not just that, HawQ also delivers Six Degree of Freedom vibration at the simple push of a button. By utilizing the ultimate combined environment of rapid thermal changes plus vibration, your designs will fly through reliability testing. “Through this process, we have improved first-pass success during subsequent MIL-STD-1540 qualification testing, reduced the number of problems once in production, and improved… performance. These results are vitally important to our profit bottom line, plus they improve customer and insurance provider confidence in our ability to introduce new technology successfully.” [White Paper by Brian Kosinski & Dennis Cronin, Space Systems/Loral] HawQ is a cost effective, portable solution that is available for purchase or lease to utilize in, or near, product development groups. The Portable Rapid Testing System provides an easy to use solution with Ethernet/WiFi options to allow for remote monitoring by development teams, and is a quiet, vibration-isolated system for virtually all development teams, R&D, Reliability, and University Labs.

Asylum Research Announces Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy for Nanoscale Mapping of Permittivity and Conductivity on Any Material

Press Release
6310 Hollister Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 T: 805-696-6466 F: 805-696-6444 Toll Free: 888-472-2795

January 15, 2014 (Santa Barbara, CA) Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company, announces Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM), an atomic force microscopy (AFM) technique that enables nanoscale mapping of permittivity and conductivity with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution on any material including conductors, semiconductors and insulators. sMIM is the latest tool in Asylum’s “Beyond Topography” initiative which seeks to provide valuable nanomechanical and nanoelectrical information in addition to high resolution AFM topography. sMIM incorporates electronics and proprietary AFM probe technology developed by PrimeNano Inc. and is available integrated exclusively with Asylum Research MFP-3D™ and Cypher™ AFMs.

Nanoelectrical AFM modes have long been used in microelectronics R&D applications because they can provide valuable insight into device structure, function and failure. However, most conventional modes have been limited to measuring either resistance or capacitance and have required laborious sample preparation. sMIM is a dramatic improvement on these technologies because it senses sample variations in both conductivity (resistance) and permittivity (capacitance) while requiring only minimal sample preparation. These capabilities also make sMIM applicable to a broader range of samples, including ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, and low-dimensional nanomaterials like graphene, boron nitride, and molybdenum disulphide.

“sMIM is the biggest advance in AFM nanoelectrical measurements that I’ve seen in my 12+ years working in this field,” said Keith Jones, Applications Scientist at Asylum Research. “Being able to visualize both conductivity and permittivity at the same time gives us a more complete picture of our samples. The sensitivity and resolution of the measurements is also way beyond the competitive technologies I have used throughout my career.”

“PrimeNano developed ScanWave™ sMIM based on core technology developed by Professor Zhi-xun Shen at Stanford University. A combination of exclusive shielded AFM probes and purpose-built electronics optimized for sMIM enable us to get results that are far superior to anything else out there,” explained Dr. Stuart Friedman, CEO of PrimeNano, Inc. “We are very pleased to partner with Asylum Research to offer an integrated sMIM solution. The capability of sMIM is even greater when combined with the world’s very best atomic force microscopes.”

About Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company

Asylum Research is the technology leader in atomic force microscopy for both materials and bioscience applications, dedicated to innovative instrumentation for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Founded in 1999, Asylum Research has over 300 years combined AFM/SPM experience among our staff. Asylum Research AFMs are used for a variety of nanoscience applications in material science, physics, polymers, chemistry, biomaterials, and bioscience, including single molecule mechanical experiments on DNA, protein unfolding and polymer elasticity, as well as force measurements for biomaterials, chemical sensing, polymers, colloidal forces, adhesion, and more.

Asylum’s MFP-3D™ family of AFMs sets the standard for AFM technology, with unprecedented precision and flexibility. Four configurations now comprise the MFP-3D family. The MFP-3D Origin, the most affordable member, offers performance and full upgrade potential. The full MFP-3D provides performance with the maximum versatility of a wide range of modes and accessories. The MFP-3D-BIO™ is the only full capability AFM integrated with commercial inverted optical microscopes for advanced bioscience research. In addition, our MFP NanoIndenter™ offers the only true instrumented indenting for quantitative measurements.

The Cypher™ AFM is the highest resolution fast scanning AFM, now with environmental control. Cypher provides low-drift closed loop atomic resolution for the most accurate images and measurements possible today, point defect atomic resolution, >20X faster AC imaging with small cantilevers, Spot-On™ automated laser and photodetector alignment for easy setup, integrated thermal, acoustic and vibration control, and broad support for all major AFM/SPM scanning modes and capabilities.

Asylum Research offers the best warranties in the industry, ranging from two to five years, along with unmatched customer support. Asylum has global sales and service offices in Germany, UK, Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan.

About Oxford Instruments plc

Oxford Instruments designs, supplies and supports high-technology tools and systems with a focus on research and industrial applications. It provides solutions needed to advance fundamental physics research and its transfer into commercial nanotechnology applications. Innovation has been the driving force behind Oxford Instruments’ growth and success for over 50 years, and its strategy is to effect the successful commercialization of these ideas by bringing them to market in a timely and customer-focused fashion.

The first technology business to be spun out from Oxford University over fifty years ago, Oxford Instruments is now a global company with over 2000 staff worldwide and is listed on the FTSE250 index of the London Stock Exchange (OXIG). Its objective is to be the leading provider of new generation tools and systems for the research and industrial sectors.

This involves the combination of core technologies in areas such as low temperature, high magnetic field and ultra high vacuum environments, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray, electron and optical based metrology, and advanced growth, deposition and etching.

Analítica 2013

Entre os dias 24 e 26 do setembro, profissionais das indústrias químicas e analítica tiveram a oportunidade de conhecer os lançamento e os destaques do setor.

A Altmann como pioneira no mercado de instrumentos analíticos e científicos, apresentou a nova geração dos granulômetros a laser, Mastersizer 3000 com novo design, tamanho reduzido e com maior range de trabalho. Ainda na área de caracterização de partículas, o Morphologi G3 é um equipamento que mede tamanho e forma de partículas em amostra líquida e seca, disponibilizando imagens de alta resolução. Na linha de reômetro, o destaque foi para o Kinexus, equipamento modular e de alta precisão, totalmente versátil com máximas informações integradas e completas baseadas nas soluções de diversas aplicações.

Outro destaque, foi para o novo moinho Grindomix GM300 da Retsch, que possui um vaso de moagem com volume útil de 4.5l, processa substância com elevado teor de água, óleo ou gordura com a mesma rapidez e confiabilidade que produtos secos fibrosos, moles, elásticos e semiduros.

Temos também como opção o moinho ultra centrifugo ZM200 que é utilizado para rápida trituração fina de materiais moles, semiduros e fibrosos e devida a ampla linha de acessórios assegura um preparo de amostra sem contaminação aos materiais e adequado a análise.

Nossa linha de equipamentos ainda inclui microscópios eletrônicos de varredura e transmissão, máquinas para teste de envelhecimento acelerado, espectrofotômetros colorimétricos, homogeneizadores por alta pressão, tensão superficial, entre outros.



Abrafati 2013

Durante o evento Abrafati 2013, os visitante puderam conhecer as inovações para o setor de tintas.

Apresentamos com exclusividade o novo espectrofotômetro Ci4200 da
X-Rite, equipamento compacto de bancada, com geometria esférica, para medições de cores em extrema rapidez e precisão em diversos tipos de matérias.

Destacamos outras tecnologias: cabines de luz, câmara para ensaios de intemperismo acelerado, granulômetros, zetâmetros, moinhos entre outros.
Abrafati 2013