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The NEW SpectraLight QC | x-rite

The NEW SpectraLight QC: Quality Visual Assessment Through Supply
Chain-Wide Lighting Control

 From X-Rite’s Macbeth Lighting products, SpectraLight QC marks a new evolution in visual color assessment.  This holistic solution starts with state of the art seven available light sources, but also includes a data-driven back-end that carefully monitors the performance and conditions of the lamps.  The SpectraLight QC offers total supply chain solutions linking brand owners, operators, specifiers, and suppliers, while reducing human error, standardizing conditions for visual assessment, and saving time and money.
Below are just a few of the product features, that make the SpectraLight QC a valuable tool in quality control and visual assessment:

  • Highest quality natural daylight available
  • Adjustable lux with built in lux meter
  • Automated closed-loop lux adjustment
  • Factory calibrated, adjustable UV
  • Ability to create and store Brand Owner profiles
  • Reporting and data tracking

Assess it yourself at and find additional information on SpectraLight QC and a link to X-Rite’s brand new Illumination Guide.

Special offers

We are pleased to offer SpectraLight QC with three special early bird offers applicable for all orders placed, shipped and invoiced before December 31st, 2012:

* A special introductory product price of $5,920 USD*
* Or, trade in your existing SpectraLight II or III
* And receive a 20% discount on the list price of the SpectraLight QC available for the trade-in price of $5,120 USD*
And receive 8% discount on Warranty Extension and Certification services if they are purchased at the same time as your SpectraLight QC

*Price quoted refers to a Lightbooth complete with SpectraLight QC Luminair, USB Cable, Viewing Booth N5 or N7 and User Software, but excluding remote control. For other SpectraLight QC packages please contact your local sales office for price information.

PMI – Porous Materials Incorporated.

Lider mundial na fabricação de instrumentos para caracterização de porosidade, diâmetro de poro, volume de poro, área superficial, permeabilidade líquida, permeabilida
gasosa, densidade.
Atualmente trabalha com seis linhas de produtos para caracterização de estrutura de poros que são:
Porometers, Permeameters, Intrusion porosimeters, Extrusion Porosimeters, Bet/Sorptometers.